The METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRY BARGAINING COUNCIL (MEIBC) has just signed a new collective agreement for 2021, and it’s great news for the industry. The agreement covers all employers and employees in the metal and engineering industry, and it’s been welcomed by both parties.

The new agreement will see the wages of the industry employees increased by 4.4%, which is above the inflation rate. Additionally, there will be a minimum wage increase of R20 per hour, which is a significant boost for workers in the industry.

Another highlight of the agreement is the introduction of a new family responsibility leave benefit. Employees will now be entitled to five days of paid leave when they need to care for their children or other dependents who are sick or injured. This benefit will be a huge relief for employees who have to take care of their family members and will go a long way in promoting work-life balance.

The agreement also addresses concerns about training and development in the industry. Employers will now have an obligation to invest in the training and development of their employees, and they will be required to provide training in line with the industry’s current and future requirements.

The MEIBC agreement 2021 also addresses issues of discrimination and inequality. The agreement promotes the principles of fairness and non-discrimination in the workplace, and it seeks to create a more inclusive and diverse industry.

The agreement also provides for better working conditions for employees. There will be new provisions for safe working environments, including measures to prevent injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Overall, the MEIBC agreement 2021 is a significant step forward for the metal and engineering industry. With increased wages, better leave benefits, and improved working conditions, employees can look forward to a brighter future. The agreement also provides for the industry’s growth and development through training and development and a more diverse and inclusive industry.